More on interviews

Firstly, understand the point of the interview from your perspective. You are there to sell yourself. Specifically, to sell the idea that you are a good fit for the employer. To do that you must be open and honest, and willing to communicate. Have several points in your mind that you plan to get across to the employer. It might be how you have relevant experience, it might be how you are looking for a long term role to grow and develop in. Whatever you think is relevant to the position.

Have some understanding of the company prior to the interview. You might be asked “tell us what you know about ‘abc company’ that made you want to apply for the role”. At least have a look at the company website, don’t just rely on what is written in the job add.

Be open about your personal interests, goals etc. You are trying to show who you are as a person, not just your skills relevant to the job. Anything you do around sports and hobbies or community type work such as volunteering is great to talk about. Those sort of activities often demonstrate that you can work as a team and get along with people etc, which is important to an employer.

You don’t have to have the answer to everything. Maybe you are missing some of the skills required for the job but you can talk about your willingness to learn and be trained etc. A lot of employers are often just as concerned about your attitude as much as your skill set.

Ask questions during the interview. Remember that the interview is a two way conversation. Asking questions also shows that you are interested and engaged in the process.

Be confident and try to enjoy the process!


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